• Photo’s Todd Rundgren’s Utopia Congresgebouw The Hague, 1975 (1)

Photographes Part 1

© Bart Versteeg

Todd Rundgren’s Utopia features the lineup of Todd Rundgren, John Siegler, Roger Powell and Willie Wilcox, with backing vocals by Luther Vandross and Anthony Hinton.

• Todd Rundgren

• John Siegler and Roger Powel

• Anthony Hinton & Luther Vandross © Bart Versteeg

• John ‘Willie’ Wilcox

• Eastern Intrigue – ‘will the real God please sit down…….’


10 thoughts on “• Photo’s Todd Rundgren’s Utopia Congresgebouw The Hague, 1975 (1)

  1. Your photographs take me right back to 1975…so wonderful to see Todd and Utopia in Europe. I was at the Liverpool Empire show. Keep taking these fantastic photographs, Bart. Really appreciate seeing them. Thank you x

  2. Wederom een mooi tijdsbeeld. Ik weet dat dit concert er was. Als ik het goed heb Bart, ook een keer in de beurs van Berlage. Al vele jaren groot fan, helaas maar 1 x live gezien, 8 februari 2010 Paradiso Wat een geweldige avond!!

  3. Your photographs of Todd are stunning. I especially love the mid-1970s shots. I, too, took rolls and rolls of photos of him during that period, and he was the best-costumed, most animated subject ever. So glad I stumbled upon your blog — the highlight of my week!

    You have given me quite a gift, indeed.

  4. Love your photographs of Todd Rundgren! You are such a gifted artist — really tuned in to him.
    Thanks for posting.

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