• One Year Ago – Oldshoremore Cemy

On a beautifull morning in NW Scotland, july 13th 2011

• view on Eilean na h-Aiteig

One thought on “• One Year Ago – Oldshoremore Cemy

  1. Turned out to be a beautiful day with loads of sun. Very hot even. The other side of Scotland. Remote beaches for the happy few! 😉 Mind, you have to drive a huge amount of miles and miles, through dramatic scenery with stunning views, and even a hell of long path to walk with lots of stinging flies, so beware not to stop, just go on and on, but in the end it is stunning & spectacular certainly worthwile. You’ll probably want to stay for ever, not leaving ever, like us. But we managed to say goodbye and left. To continue our explorations of bonnie Scotland!

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