• One Year Ago – Harris on a very wet sunday

July 17th 2011

• along the A859 Time: 16:43:59

• A589 Sgarasta Bheag Time: 16:58:39

• St Clements Church with Poetic Burials Time: 17:40:41

One thought on “• One Year Ago – Harris on a very wet sunday

  1. Everything closed on Sundays, except this church, with no services, just old knights on their graves. Has been here for centuries. We climbed the tower and withstood the stormy freezing winds. Find shelter afterwards in between the graves on the graveyard with high walls surrounding them to protect them from the gales, and big bushes of FUCHSIA !!!! Very old they seemed and gnarled. It looks like a journal of our scotland travel… 😉

    The colors of the sea are amazing, all kinds of blue, green shades and in between. Really stunning!

    They were always there, these bluepatch sheep on this part of the road.

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