• Oncofonie, symfonie voor je leven, Carré Amsterdam

Oncofonie, symfonie voor je leven, zondag 16 september 2012. Koninklijk Theater Carrè.

Benefietconcert ten bate van Stichting Kanker in Beeld.
Benefit concert Oncofonie, symfony for your life. http://www.oncofonie.nl/. Some 350 singers from 20 “Zingen voor je Leven choirs” from all over Holland were singing out loud, and a lot of famous artists (oldies and young ones) did their share in between the songs. All for supporting ‘Kanker in beeld’, all the money will go to this foundation: http://www.kankerinbeeld.nl/.
It is all about cancer and how to coop with this by means of creative expression, art & singing together. Singing for your life. My wife Liset Noorduyn took part.

• Carré Date: 16-09-12 Time: 17:58:17

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